Work is well under way on the programme and timings. We try hard to avoid posting any information here before its accuracy is as certain as possible (see caveat above) but a taste of what is coming looks like this:-

Saturday evening ‘live’ with Primavera - String Trio

Ian Bailey will explore the neglected, but very interesting composer, Joachim Raff

Regular Torbay Friend Lynne Plummer on Mozart’s contemporaries

Andrew Collins of Brittens Music Shop (should be fun!)

William Sterndale Bennett. Barry Sterndale-Bennett will enlighten us with what we might have missed!

…..and so much more to come; watch this space and tell your friends.

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At TMW 2017, the music will again be played over

equipment of quality including:

ProAc, Audio Synthesis, Crimson Electronics, Sony, Marantz, Bowers and Wilkins.

Supplied, transported, set up and operated by Mike Price

and the technical Team.

Microphones and their control system set up and operated by

John Walker.

The Palace Hotel offers many indoor and outdoor attractions as well as superior accommodation and quality service. We are indebted to Paul Uphill the Managing Director, Katy Tapp the Conference Manager and other members of staff for making us so welcome over so many years.

Programme details are correct at the time of posting here but are subject to alteration without notice. The Friends of Torbay cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage of any kind resulting from changes to this programme.