2018 short report

and pictures

Picture Credit and ©: Richard Stevens

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For those with an ear for music this last weekend provided a dozen opportunities to enjoy experts of international standing who brought to light new and fascinating insight into a wide range of musical interests whether jazz, classical, crossover from classical to pop, variety and opera.

Names to conjure with: John Georgiadis, George Caird, Marilyn Hill Smith and more.

Miloš Milivoyević dramatically exposed the Accordion for what a versatile, complicated, sophisticated and remarkable instrument it is in the hands of a truly great artist and exponent.

The Weekend concluded with International stars Craig Ogden and Gary Ryan demonstrating truly world class skill on guitars with a wide ranging programme of music from baroque to 21st century playing and exploring new techniques that reveal the guitar's full potential.

Don't miss the Torbay Musical Weekend this year from

15 - 18 November 2019 at The Grand Hotel, Torquay.

Andrew Borkowski

Dr. Christopher Fifield

Christopher Morley

David Wherrell

John Georgiadis

Marilyn Hill Smith

Prof. George Caird

Ted Pezarro

Gary Ryan and Craig Ogden

Miloš Milivojević